Sign in Options

Control how your users sign in (or sign up) to your app from the User Lists & Sign-up settings

User Registration

If you have added a User to the Noloco User collection they will receive a welcome email which will direct them to sign up for an account.

If you have given a user Builder permissions through their role, they will also receive a welcome email from Noloco, inviting them to setup a Noloco account. This is necessary for building and editing your app.

📧 The invitation emails for both Users & Collaborators can be found and edited from Settings > Email Settings

If you added Users via a synced a User List please note: they will not receive an invitation email. This ensures you have the ability to sync a list of Users from your external datasource into your Noloco app without inviting them all to access your app. It also provides you with ample time to test out configurations as different Users before they login.

When you're ready to go live, we recommend you send them directly to the login URL for your App to register at <your app/domain name> This will redirect them to your login page where they may enter their email address and proceed to the registration page. During registration they will be able to set their own password by default.

Using an Open Sign-up form will also allow your Users to easily register an account for your App.

Note on User Lists & Open Sign up forms

The Open Sign-up form provided by Noloco will only create Users in the Noloco User collection. If you are using User List(s) they will not be added to your external data source.

If you are using User List(s) and wish to create an Open sign-up form experience for your Noloco app, we recommend that you to create your own web form externally that directly adds Users into the table(s) in your external data source used for your synced User List(s)

Who can Sign-in to my Noloco App?

Only the users that already have an account (i.e an entry in the Noloco User Collection table with their Email address) will be able to sign-in via your enabled Sign-in option(s).

  • Set a Password (enabled on all Noloco apps by default)

  • Sign in via Magic Link

  • Sign in with Google

Once they are created in your Noloco User collection table, make sure to send them an email invitation to inform them to set their password/login.

You may choose to use Noloco to send this Invitation email or you may choose an alternative method such as your own email automation service you use. The email must include the Login URL to your App.

If you would prefer to use Noloco to send the invitation email, you can customise the email for the invitation from Settings > Email Settings > Customer Invitation Email.

🔘 A call to action button will automatically be included in the email which will redirect them to the correct Login page URL for your App

With magic links enabled, this will allow your users to enter their email to receive an email with a link that signs them in.

By default, Users will also have the option to use the password they set during their first sign-in event if they prefer. As a builder, you can disable the Email & Password login option and choose to use Magic Links instead.

Magic links can be disabled from your app's Signup & Login settings. Once disabled, your users will need to use Email & Password login exclusively. This can be useful if your app's users are more accustomed to logging in with their email and password, or if passwords are managed in a password manager.

Email & Password

If you'd prefer not to use Magic Links, you can choose to use email & password as the only sign-in option for Users.

When an invited User accesses your login URL for the first time, they will be brought to the 'Finish setting up for your account' page, where they will set their password for the account.

Forgot your Password?

In the scenario where your users forget their password, they can follow the Forgot your password link from your App's sign-in page. Here they can enter their email to recover their password. The user will enter the email address, receive a recovery link on his/her email, and go to the Reset Password page via the link to provide a new password.

with Google

If you enable this option, a Sign in with Google button will be added to the login page, allowing your users to sign in with their Google Accounts. To enable Google Signup, you first need to add your Google Client Id details in Integrations & API key => Google Sign In.

You will be presented with setup instructions as soon as you enable this login option (see below)

Turn off the email and password login option & use Sign-in with Google instead

Available only on Enterprise plans

If your organisation would like to prevent your Users from setting their own password for their Noloco account and use the Sign-in with Google option instead, get in contact with the Noloco team at or via the chat widget. This feature is available only on Enterprise plans currently.

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