Start with your data

Get started with Noloco by importing & syncing your data

If you already have business data in a spreadsheet in one of our supported sources you should be able to get started with Noloco in just a few clicks.

Every app you create in Noloco is powered by data. Once you connect a data source to your app, it remains in two-way sync. This means changes to one are reflected in the other.

Connecting a data source

When creating your project, choose your data source from one of the available options, and then follow the instructions on the next screen to connect your data source.

Noloco uses secure connections to connect to your data source and encrypts the credentials where necessary to ensure your data is secure.

After you connect your data source, Noloco will determine the tables and columns in your source, then start to import that data to Noloco. While the data is being imported, Noloco will use AI to generate the layout of your app, creating a page for each table.

Once done, you will be redirected to your new app.

Supported Sources

Once you have created your app, you can continue finishing your app's setup by following the rest of the Quickstart guide


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