Choose the display layout that works best for your collections

Collection displays

We support all the following collection display options out of the box. You simply have to choose which one works best for your collections.

Grouping records in collection views

For most of the above collection displays (excluding Single record view & Charts), you're able to group records by a particular field. Learn more about grouping records.

How to configure your collection display

To access the Display options you must first navigate to the collection you wish to format from the menu sidebar

In our sample Real Estate Noloco app, we are going to try out a new display option for the 'Properties' collection.

Now we have the Properties tab open, lets enter into Edit mode so that we can access the different display options

Once in Edit mode, you will be able to access the configuration menu where the display options can be found. To access the configuration menu options, using your mouse cursor click anywhere along the top header of the page (see below).

Now that we can access the configuration menu for the Properties view. Lets dive into the 'Display' options.

Currently, the view you can see above is using the following settings;

You can toggle between all of the different display options until you're happy with the UI's look and feel for your collection. For example, if we were to select the 'Cards' display, our Properties view would now look like this:

For further information on configuring specific collection displays or grouping records, you can visit our support guides linked above.

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