User Management

Manage your existing users and invite new users to your app from the User Management tab

In addition to the foundational User Table, the User Tab within your Noloco app acts as a central management dashboard, allowing administrators to effectively organize, manage, and communicate with the app’s users.

It provides a user-friendly interface and a suite of tools to execute various user-related tasks and configurations.

Adding New Users

From the User Tab, you can seamlessly add new users to your app by inviting them via email and assigning their roles, streamlining the onboarding process.

Deactivating a User

You can deactivate an existing user to prevent them from logging in to your app again, without deleting the account or their data.

Removing a User

You can completely remove an existing user to prevent them from logging in to your app again, and deleting their user account in the process.

Sending invitations & Reminders

Administrators can resend invite reminders and copy individual invitation links directly, ensuring smooth user incorporation.

Resetting Passwords

Sending password reset instructions is made effortless, aiding users in regaining access to their accounts swiftly.

Role Management & Customization

  • Role Assignment & Management: The User Tab is essential for managing different roles within your app, allowing administrators to assign and modify roles efficiently.

  • Defining Role-Based Access: You can establish specific permissions and access levels for different roles, enhancing security and operational structure within the app.

User List Configuration

  • Setting Up User Lists: The User Tab facilitates the configuration and management of User Lists, serving as a pivotal point in synchronizing external user data.

  • Maintaining & Monitoring User Lists: Regular oversight and management of user lists ensure that the app’s user data remains up-to-date and accurately reflects the external sources.

User Lists

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