Why you should publish your Noloco app and what it does

As an admin to your Noloco app, you can enable edit mode at any time and make changes to your app. However, this can mean that your app can end up in an inbetween state where some pages are finished and working and some are still a work-in-progress.

This is why we have the Publish button.

When you make changes to your Noloco app (such as changing the display type of a collection), that change will only be visible to other app builders. Your app users (customers/clients/non-builder teammates) will keep seeing the previous version of your app, from when you last published it.

To push those changes to your users, you need to press the publish button in the admin nav bar. That's the Airplane 🛫 icon.

Clicking publish will mean your users will get all new app configurations/layout/settings made by you or any other builder since the app was last published.

Remember: Your users will need to refresh the app page or open it in a new tab to get the new configuration

When you publish your app, we take a snapshot of the app's configuration at that point in time. You can treat it like a checkpoint which is important if you're making lots of changes during the development phase.

What does the Pink dot mean?

The pink dot on the publish button/icon means you (or any other builder) have made changes to the app that are not yet published.

Can I restore my app to a previous version?

Yes! Please see the App Version History guide for more information on how to do this.

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