Empty State

Customizing your collection empty states to for a tailored app experience

Empty states in collections (tables, boards, charts, lists, etc.) occur when no records or rows match a collection's filters or a user's permissions.

What are Empty States?

Empty states appear in a collection when:

  • No records match the collection filters, or filter fields

  • No records match the user's permissions

Customizing these states is a great way to give your users context on what to expect when there are nor matching records, and to make your app feel more intuitive.

Importance of Customizing Empty States

Custom empty states provide clarity to users, explaining why no data is present and what actions they can take. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Guide users on next steps, such as creating a new record.

  • Maintain engagement.

  • Improve branding and tone of the app

How to Customize a Collection Empty State

  1. Navigate to the collection, either a collection component or a collection view

  2. Open the Empty State settings in the configuration panel

  3. Customize the Empty State message Explain why no records are shown, suggest an action they can take

  4. Add an optional image Choose an image that aligns with your message and brand. We reccomend browsing something like undraw.co

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