Dynamic Form Field Filters

Set up and use dynamic filters in your forms, reducing the options for your app users and simplifying form filling

In many business applications, form with linked fields often show all possible options, like all clients, or all categories, leading to inefficiency and potential errors. In Noloco, you can use dynamic field filters to display only relevant options based on previous selection/values, streamlining data entry and decreasing errors.

Let's look at some practical examples.

Examples of Dynamic Form Field Filters

  1. ERP System: Product Entry

    When adding a new product, selecting a supplier first dynamically filters the warehouse field to show only the warehouses where the supplier stocks goods.

  2. Client Portal: Task Assignment

    In a client portal, assigning a task to a project filters the employee selection field to show only those working on the selected client or project.

How to add a Dynamic Form Filter to your Form

  1. Navigate to the form where you want to apply dynamic filtering.

  2. With Build Mode enabled, select the linked field (Warehouse or Employee in the examples above) and open it's configuration menu.

  3. Choose '+ New Filter' Set up a condition that links to one of the other Form Values using

Note that you can use dynamic form filters in combination with basic form field filters, such as only showing active employees, as well as employees that work on a particular client.

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