User Lists

If you have a list of users in an external data source like Airtable, PostgreSQL or Google Sheets, you can sync it to the Noloco Users table in your app to allow such users to log in.

Who should use the User Lists feature?

If you already have an Airtable table or Google Sheet with your users' information (first name, last name, email etc.) and you want to continue using this table as the source of truth for your users, you can use our User Lists feature to sync your user data to your Noloco Users table to allow those users to log in to your app.

What information is needed to connect a User List?

To connect a user list, you just need to have the following information in your Airtable or Google Sheets table:
  • Email address
  • First Name (optional but recommended)
  • Last Name (optional but recommended)
Additional fields (optional fields available to those using Airtable):
  • Company
  • Customer Payments Id (if using 'Billing' module with Stripe / Quickbooks)
  • Google Drive Folder Id (if using 'File-sharing' module with Google Drive)

How do I connect my User List?

  1. 1.
    Firstly, you must connect your Airtable or Google Sheets data source.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to User Lists & Signup in your app settings
3. Click to add a 'New user list'
4. Input the following details: a. User List Name - this is what you call a user in this list e.g. 'Client' or 'Contractor'. b. Choose the relevant table that your user information is in c. Choose the email address, first name & last name fields d. Optionally choose the field that states your User's company (see guide below) e. Select a default user role (for external users, we typically would advise you to use the 'User' role or create a new user role) f. Click 'Save' when you're done
5. Your users information will soon start to sync and appear in your Noloco Users table (it may just take a minute or two to appear)
6. Your users can now sign in via your app login page

How do I sync my User's Company information?

If you want to use Noloco modules like Billing, File-sharing & Messaging - you may also want to sync some information about your user's Company from your Airtable base. The Noloco modules are based around the default Company Noloco Collection that comes with your app.
When connecting your user list, you are able to also set the following information:
  • The user's Company
  • Payments Id This is the Stripe or Quickbooks Id belonging to that Company
  • File-sharing Id This is the Google Drive folder Id belonging to that Company (which can be found at the end of the drive folder url e.g.
See below for details on how this information must be formatted in Airtable for it to be compatible with our User List feature.
Airtable Formatting
  • You must have another table in your Airtable base with your user's Company information (note: this table does not need to be called 'Company')
  • Add a 'link' field to your User table in Airtable that links to this Company table. Leave the default linked field settings - do not allow linking to multiple records
  • From your User List Settings in Noloco, you should then be able to choose the related Company field and also set the Payments Id & Google Drive Id fields

How do I assign roles to my users?

There are two ways to assign a role to a user you're importing via a user list
  • Default Role
  • Conditional roles (available on our TEAM plan)
When you define a default role - when that user is first imported they will be assigned the role you specify here. If you have multiple types of users in your table and you need to assign different roles, you can do that with conditional roles.
For example, if you were running a conference, you might have attendees and speakers in the same table. Attendees should have a basic User role whereas speakers should be assigned the Speaker role.
You can add a conditional rule that says If the field User type is equal to 'Speaker' assign this user the Speaker role
Note: even if a user could match multiple conditional roles, they will be assigned the first conditional role whose conditions they match.

How do I let my users know that they can now log in to my app?

We recommend sending your users an email from your own email account with a link to your app's login page and letting them know that they can sign in.
Once they enter their email address from the login screen, they will then receive an email with a 'magic link' which they can click and be brought into your app.

Can I add multiple user lists?

Yes! As per the screenshot from Step #2 above, you can connect multiple different user lists - from the same or different data sources. This is useful if you're maintaining different lists for different types of users (e.g. Team vs Customers).

How do I separate out my 'Name' field into First & Last Name in Airtable?

By default, lots of Airtable bases and templates come with one 'Name' field - where the First & Last Names are combined.
If your 'Name' fields follow a regular format (just one First & Last Name), you can create the following formula fields in Airtable to separate and extract the First & Last Name.
First Name formula field (where a 'Name' field exists):
LEFT(Name, SEARCH(" ",Name)-1)
Last Name formula field (where a 'Name' field exists):
REPLACE({Name},1,FIND("~",SUBSTITUTE({Name}," ","~",LEN({Name}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Name}," ","")))),"")

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