Filter fields

Enable your app users to filter the data that gets displayed on collection views

In this video, learn how to:

  • Add filter fields

  • Test filters on collection views as the end user

  • Customise single-option, number and related collection filter fields

  • Set default values

  • Set conditional logic for when a filter field is visible

  • Choose between 'Equal to' and 'Between' filter operators for number fields

  • Filter records that show in filters for relationship fields

  • Add a 'Search box' to enable users to search for values across all fields


You can enable in-app filtering for your users so they can more easily find specific records. This is particularly useful for long lists of items.

In the example below, we enable filter fields based on the Neighbourhood, Property Name and Status fields which allows users to find properties that meet certain criteria much faster.

To access this feature, enter into edit mode (cmd + e) and head to 'Filter fields' section of the view. Then simply toggle on the fields you want your Users to be able to filter by.

You can also add a "Search box" to any collection view that will search across any of your text/number fields that you have setup on the view instead of having to add multiple filters for each field.

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