Turn a row in your spreadsheet into a beautiful user-friendly record page 💥

As you will have learned from our guide on Collection Displays, once you connect your data source we will automatically spin up record pages and forms to add new records.

Each row in a collection view links to a record page view that can showcase a lot more details about that record. You can add and customize sections on a record page view to display the data and fields of your records, including related collections, highlights, charts and fields which allow you and your team to edit your records.

To navigate to the record page simply click on the collection item as shown in the screenshot below.

To edit the Record page, simply toggle on edit mode.

For the entirety of the page, you can choose to customise the;

  • ✍️ Header title for the Record Page

  • 🔏 The Edit & Done button text

  • 💬 Record comments (turn on/off)

  • 📂 Add tabs

    • Allows you to create different sections on the same record page. This can help to reduce page length and organise information by logical groupings

The Header Title can be any text field from the record or the Noloco UUID (see below)

🖌 Record Page Components

Once you navigate to your automatically created Record page, you might want to tweak the design or choose different fields to display. You can do this by modifying the existing components on the page or by adding in some new ones.

To add a new component to your record page, simply enter into edit mode (cmd + e) or (ctrl + e) to access the list of components. The list will be visible at the bottom of the record page so make sure to scroll to the bottom.

To modify an existing component, simply click on the section you wish to modify (once in edit mode). Once selected you will gain access to the editor menu on the left hand side (see screenshot below) where you can customise it further.

For example, when you highlight the details components you can customise the Title, the subtitle and the fields that are on display.

Each record page component has slightly different customisation capabilities depending on the component type you choose.

💡🎨 Record Page design inspiration

If you're looking for ideas on how to design a beautiful looking Record page, try out one of our Templates for free.

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