SMTP Emails

Configure your SMTP settings to send Noloco's automated emails and workflow emails from your own email address.

Noloco sends automated emails such as Magic Links or invitation emails. Custom automated emails can also be sent via Workflows. By default, these emails are sent via

Any app can change the name that automated emails are sent from, but to change the address you must first configure SMTP settings for your app.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It allows Noloco to send your emails through another service. This means you can send emails from instead of

What SMTP providers can I use with Noloco?

Noloco supports sending your automated emails through any email provider that provides SMTP Relay support. Such as:

And many many more

How do I setup SMTP in my Noloco app?

SMTP configuration is only available on Custom plans. Chat to our team If you want to send emails from a custom email address.

  1. To set up your SMTP configuration in your app you need to navigate to your app's email settings page.

  2. Enter the email address which emails should be sent from. You will probably have configured this in your email provider. Make sure it matches what you set up or emails might fail to send.

  3. You'll need to get your new email provider's SMTP details, which usually consist of the following details:

  • Host The web address of your email provider's SMTP relay server

  • Port The network port of the SMTP relay server. Usually, 465 if it connects with SSL

  • Username This is how you authenticate with your SMTP server

  • Password This is the password that you use to authenticate with your SMTP server. This is often an API key.

  • Is the connection secure? If the connection doesn't use SSL/HTTPS please uncheck the "Use a secure connection switch"

Click Save when you are finished. If Noloco cannot connect to your SMTP server you will get an error. In addition, a test email will be sent. If you don't receive the test email after a few minutes, please double-check that the "From address" you have entered is correct.

If it is, please check your provider's logs to see if the test email failed for any reason.

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