Noloco Overview

Learn how to build internal tools for your team without writing a line of code

Welcome to Noloco

Noloco enables you to build internal tools for your team without writing a line of code.
Our no-code builder has been designed first and foremost with non-developers in mind. This means that our platform is easy to use and you can build internal tools from your data through a simple point and click interface.
At the same time, we've ensured that you can build powerful apps that perfectly fit your team's workflows by catering for a high degree of customisation with regards to how data is displayed and presented in your apps.

How does it work?

Noloco enables you to quickly builds apps from your data. You can either create Noloco Tables (database tables) to store data directly in Noloco or connect your external data source (like Airtable, Xano, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Google Sheets).
From there, you're able to add collection views to your apps that list the records in each of your collections. Each collection view comes out of the box with record pages (so you can click into a particular record from the list) and also ready-made forms as well (so you can easily add new records from your app).

What can I build with Noloco?

There are three types of apps that are most commonly built with Noloco:
  • Internal tools Back office tools, contractor payroll management, internal practice management, customer support management
  • Client Portals Give your customers a dedicated place to view and update their data and interact with their team, using permissions to share the right data with the right customers
  • Custom CRMs A dedicated, customized CRM to match your teams workflows
Ultimately, the apps you build depends on your use case and the kind of data your team interacts with on a daily basis.
For example, watch the following demo to see how an e-commerce business could build a backoffice tool for their support team from their PostgreSQL data.
Or this demo which shows you how to build an ERP system from your Airtable base in ~5 minutes
If you need some inspiration for your own app, you might benefit from using one of our free templates.

How do I get started?

You can start using Noloco Free by signing up here.
Once you've created your free account, we'd recommend exploring the following guides and video tutorials.
Once you've mastered the basics, you'll naturally progress to using more advanced functionality like user roles & permissions, actions & workflows.
We also provide a useful quick start guide within the builder to help you learn the builder basics.

Step-by-step guide to help you build your first app with Noloco

Step 1: Set Your Goal Before diving in
Determine the primary goal of your app. Is it for data collection, process automation, or customer engagement? It's good to have a plan
Step 2: Choose a Template or Start from Scratch.
Select from our library of templates or begin with a blank canvas. Templates are a great way to speed up the process or if you’re unsure where to start or don't have a data source.
Step 3: Design Your Interface
Use our point-and-click builder to create a user-friendly interface. Add buttons, forms, filters and more with just a few clicks.
Step 4: Add Workflow Functionality
Make your app powerful by adding workflows, email automation and integrating it with other tools via Zapier or Make.
Step 5: Add Permission Rules
Need to lock down certain parts of your apps? Leverage user list syncs, user roles & permissions, and visibility rules to determine the correct level of record &/or field access for each type of user in your app.
Step 6: Test Your App Before going live
Make sure to test your app thoroughly. Ensure that all functionalities work as intended.
Step 7: Publish and Share Your App
Once you're satisfied with your app - It's time to launch! Toggle on live mode, share it with your team or customers and start reaping the benefits.

What if I need further help?

We're always here for you. The following links and resources should prove helpful:
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