Noloco Guides

If you've made it this far, you're probably thinking about building something amazing on Noloco 🚀 The below guides will introduce you to all the features & guidance you need to get you setup ASAP⚡️
🛠👷Builders.. Don't forget to check out your quick start guide checklist within the app

The Building Blocks of Noloco

1️⃣ Data Sources - The foundation on which your Noloco app is built. It supercharges your app ⚡️
2️⃣ Noloco - The platform and tools you use to build your app 🛠
3️⃣ The App - The app your Users login to when you're ready to turn on Live mode 🤩
💡 Before you get started with building your app, its always best practice is to have a bit of a plan made in your head first. Think about which screens you want to build, what those screens should do, who should see those screens and what data they'll need to display, update and create.
🎨 Templates
If you need some inspiration for your own app, why not check out one of our free Noloco templates to get some ideas flowing? 💡

1️⃣ Data Sources

2️⃣ Noloco Platform

3️⃣ App

Once everything is built & tested.. all thats left to do is turn on Live mode 🎉

📝 Other areas to note