Record Comments

Comment and collaborate on any record in Noloco

Record comments allow you, your users and your teammates to add comments to any record in your Noloco app regardless of data source.

Enabling Record Comments

To turn on record comments you need to enable the Show record comments switch on the configuration page of your record view.

Once you do that, Noloco will add the comments button and indicator to your record view's header

Showing the record comments

You can show the record comments by clicking the icon button in the record view header.

You can also open the record comments using Cmd + ] if you're on a Mac computer or Ctrl + ] if you're on a Windows computer

Adding comments

You can add comments to a record by typing into the text box at the bottom of the sidebar and sending your comment.


You can format your message with Bold, italic or code text, as well as add links, either automatically (by typing or pasting a link) or by converting other text to a link. You can also add ordered lists, unordered lists and code blocks for even richer comments.


You can attach as many files as you want to your comments which will then be displayed inline. Attachments are limited to a max size of 45mb and restricted to our list of supported file types.


You can mention any other user (who you have permission to access) in a comment. To mention a user type the @ key and then type the user's name and select them from the list.

Internal Notes

There are often instances where we would like to ask questions or share thoughts on a task internally without your client being able to see them.

Any user with the 'Team Member' role attribute can send a record note, which remains exclusively visible to other users with the 'Team Member' role attribute, ensuring private team collaboration remains just that - private.

Whether strategizing on a project or discussing sensitive information, keep it internal and seamless with our new Internal Notes feature!

Updating or Deleting Comments

For now, comments are unable to be updated or deleted, even by app admins. If there is a comment (or set of comments) that you need to urgently remove or modify, please contact the support team.


When you add a new comment to a record, anyone who previously commented on a record, or anyone you mention in the comment will be notified by email. The email will contain the comment text and a link to the record view with the comments sidebar open.

In-app notifications will be coming soon!

Creating Record Comments with Zapier or Make

It's possible to programmatically create record comments with Zapier or Make if you want to tag a record with a system-like message, or an audit trail. The process to programmatically create record comments is quite simple. For this example we will use Zapier, but the process is similar on

  1. First, log into Zapier or

  2. Create a new Zap

  3. Pick your trigger, this can be a Noloco Module, or something else, like when a Failed Payment happens in Stripe

  4. Next, choose "Noloco" as the App and choose Create a New Record as the Event

  1. Choose the account and the app you're using

  2. For Collection choose Comment

  3. Next, format the comment's text however you want. You can use newlines, and any markdown feature (except headings)

  4. The last, and most important step is to associate the comment with the correct record. You will need to fill in one of the last few values, which are named {Table Name} Id For example, if I wanted to attach my comment to a customer, it would be Customer Id and I would need to pass the Noloco Customer ID to that field. You might need to Add a Search Step here.

  5. That's it - test your Zap and verify that your comment showed up on the record you expected it to.

The steps for are the same only the interface is different.

Programmatic Mentions

If you want to mention a colleague or customer in a comment when creating comments programmatically, you can mention them by ID using this format @[123] where 123 is the Noloco User'd ID.

As mentioned above, any user mentioned in this way will be notified.

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