Improve your collaboration with in-app notifications


In-app notifications are a great way to make sure you keep up to date with your workload in Noloco. You will receive real-time alerts in the app as notifiable events happen elsewhere. You can click through to these or dismiss them and review them at any time in your notification tray.

Notification alerts

If you are using your app when a notification comes in, you will see an alert in the top-right corner. You can ignore it (it will disappear in a few seconds), dismiss it or click into it (to be taken to it in your app).

Notification tray

The notification tray is available as a popover in the bottom-left of the app next to your profile. It is available to all users in your app, not just builders.

The notification tray will show you any notifications alerts you have interacted with or dismissed as well as any notifications you missed while you were not using your app.

Notifications can be marked as "read" or "unread" as you review and action them. You can go back at any time and scroll through your read notifications if you need to find something again.

Clicking on the notification body will take you through to the place in your app where you can review and action it.

Events that trigger notifications

The following events will trigger an in-app notification:

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