Public Forms

Collect data from anyone

Public Forms allow you to create a web form with a shareable URL that allows anyone to submit new records to a collection without logging in to your Noloco app.

Enabling Public Forms For a Collection

To enable public forms for a collection, simply click the "enable public forms" toggle in the Edit Mode sidebar for the "create new record" page for any collection.

Setting a Custom Success Message

Users will see a short thank you message when they successfully complete a form. While there is a default message, you can customize this message by filling in the "On Submit Message" textbox.

Distributing a Public Form

Simply copy the public form URL from the "Public Forms" menu. This URL can then be distributed to users who will be able to fill out the form without logging in.

Deleting a Public Form

If you want to delete the public form associated with a collection, you can do so immediately by clicking the "enable public form" toggle again.

Note If you delete a public form for a collection, existing public form links will be permanently broken, even if you later re-enable public forms for that same collection.


Any workflows that are triggered by adding a record to a collection, will also be triggered if a public form is submitted for that collection.

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