E-Signature Fields

The E-signature input in Noloco allows users to capture signatures directly within your app. This feature can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, making it versatile and accessible.

Enabling E-signature Input

  1. Navigate to your Form or Action button

  2. Open the settings of the field in your form you wish to turn into an E-signature input.

  3. Change the Display As option to "E-Signature" in the form field settings.

Signature Input Options

When enabled, users can choose from three methods to provide their signature:


Users can draw their signature using a mouse or touch screen.


Users can type their name, and it will be converted into a handwritten style.


Users can upload an image of their signature.

When can you use the E-Signature Input?

  • New Record Creation: Capture signatures when users create new records.

  • Action Buttons: Use in action buttons to update records, such as signing off on orders or invoices.

Example: Sign Action Button

Create a "Sign" action button that opens a modal, allowing users to provide their signature to approve an order or invoice.

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