All you need to know about Noloco pricing, fees & billing.

How does pricing work?

Noloco offers simple pricing plans based on the number of active users logging into your apps each monthly billing cycle.
Noloco offers a Free plan, two standard pricing plans (Pro & Business) as well as an Enterprise plan for those with higher usage needs and who want additional support. You can see our pricing on our pricing page.
To discuss custom plans, contact [email protected].

How do I know what plan is right for me?

There are a few key things to consider.
  • Number of active app users per month (you can have up to 3 active users on the Free plan)
  • Whether or not you want access to advanced functionality like field-level permission rules, Python SDK, SSO or SMTP
  • If you want to have a custom domain and remove Noloco branding
  • Number of workflows runs each month

How do you count active users?

An active user is an app user that has at least one session in your app over the course of the monthly billing period.

Are different types of users counted differently?

No, we’ve simplified our pricing so that all users are counted the same way - regardless of whether they are an app builder or a regular teammate who can just use the apps.
Do you have External Users? You might want to use the External User Addon

Are there any minimum numbers of active users?

If you opt into a paid plan, you will pay for at least one user each month

What if I have multiple apps? How are users counted?

We measure the number of unique users at account level. We won’t double count the same user if they use multiple apps on your account.

How do I change my plan?

You can update your plan or billing schedule (monthly vs annual) via your billing page.

Monthly vs Annual Billing

How does monthly billing work?

When you start a monthly subscription, you will be billed based on the number of active users who logged into your apps within the previous month.
At the end of your monthly billing cycle, we will automatically review the total number of active users during the monthly period and update your subscription accordingly.
  • If the number of users logging into your apps stays consistent each month, you will be charged the same amount at the end of each billing cycle
  • If additional users become active during the month, you will see a higher charge relative to your initial subscription based on the number of additional active users
  • If some users become inactive during a given month, you will be charged a lower amount on your next invoice based on the total number of active users during the previous month

How does annual billing work?

When you start an annual subscription, you will be billed for the next 12 months based on the number of active users who logged into your apps within the previous month.
At the end of each month during your subscription, we will automatically review the total number of active users during the monthly period.
  • If additional users become active during the month, we'll calculate the pro rata cost for the rest of the year, and bill you at the end of the month for any new members added
  • If a previously active and paid-for user does not log into your app over the course of a given month, we will apply a credit to your account to offset your next invoice by the unused time previously paid for that user
  • Your annual subscription will renew based on the number of active users in the final month prior to renewal


Can I use custom domains for my apps?

Yes, custom domains are available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Can I remove Noloco branding from my apps

Builders can toggle apps between test mode and live mode in the Settings > App Settings menu within your app. By default, newly created apps will be in test mode until you put them live.

Data & Records

What data sources can I use?

Noloco instantly builds apps from your business data. This makes the whole set-up process a lot easier for you. That’s why it’s important to choose and connect your data source when you create your Noloco app.
Right now, you can use the following data sources:
  • Noloco Collections (internal data storage)
  • Airtable
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Sheets

Are there any limits on database records?

You can sync unlimited records from your external data sources and store unlimited records in Noloco Collections.

What’s the difference between the different data syncing levels?

Manual syncing - Free plan

If you’re on the Free plan and connect an external data source (e.g. Airtable, Postgres or Google Sheets), changes made directly to your data source (including updates and new records) will not be automatically reflected in Noloco. You will have to trigger a manual sync from the data tab for the changes to be reflected in your app.
Changes made via your Noloco app will be instantly reflected in your data source. Also any schema changes made to your data source will be automatically synced to Noloco.

Automatic syncing (Pro plan)

For Pro plan users, we have automatic syncing of both the external data source schema and the data records themselves.
Changes made directly from your Noloco app will be instantly reflected in your data source. And any changes made to your data source itself will be reflected in your Noloco app in typically ~1-2 minutes.

Priority syncing (Business & Enterprise plans)

Those on the Business and Enterprise plans get priority automatic syncing - which means that changes made to your external data source will be reflected even quicker in Noloco, in typically around ~30 seconds or less.


What counts as a workflow run?

You can trigger Workflows in Noloco whenever your data is created, updated or deleted; or when your users trigger an on-demand workflow via an action button. These workflows can be used to trigger a webhook or send automated emails.
When counting workflows, we only consider overall runs and don’t count the number of actions taken within a specific workflow.


What support does Noloco offer?

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer support including our lively Slack community, live chat support, tutorials and support guides and onboarding calls.

Slack community

Our Slack community is our primary support channel, which you’re welcome to join for free. This is where you can ask for help, make feature requests or report any bugs or issues you see in the platform. This is also where we first announce our latest product updates.

Live chat

Builders can access live chat support through their Noloco app through the live chat widget. Live chat support is only available on paid plans.

Support guides

We’re constantly publishing new support guides to help you understand how to get the most out of our wide feature set. You can access all the support guides via the sidebar or search for particular queries at the top of the page.

Data consultation & onboarding calls

We offer an initial onboarding call with our in-house experts to help advise on your app set-up and answer any questions you may have about best practices. We offer a data consultation to customers on paid plans.

What additional support can I get on a custom plan?

We offer Tier 1 support to customers on Enterprise plans. This includes a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel with our team for any support requests and a guaranteed response time.


What is an overage?

This is an additional charge that will automatically be applied if you go over your plan limits during your billing cycle. Currently, overages will only be applied to workflow runs and file storage.

How are overages calculated?

We will calculate any overages used throughout your monthly billing cycle and will charge you in arrears alongside your next subscription invoice. In other words, you will only pay overages at the end of your billing cycle because we need to calculate your usage over the course of the month.

What are the prices for overages?

See the table below for monthly prices for overages.
Product Area
Monthly fee
File Storage
$15 per additional GB
Workflow Runs
$50 per additional 1000 workflow runs

Are overages charged automatically?

Yes, overages are charged automatically at the end of your billing cycle. We will notify you as you approach and when you exceed your plan limits.

How will I know if I’ll be charged overages?

You can monitor your usage relative to your plan limits from your Billing page. We will notify you via email when you are approaching your plan limits and if you exceed any plan limits.

How do I know how much I’ve been charged?

Your invoice at the start of your next billing cycle will detail overages fees from the previous billing period.

I’m on annual billing - when will I be charged for overages?

If you go over your plan limits, you will be charged monthly for any overages.

Free Trial vs Free Plan

What happens after my free trial of Business plan features expires?

When your Free Trial of the Business plan ends, your account will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan.
Here's a list of some of the changes that may impact your app as you downgrade to Free:


  • Automatic syncing of your external data sources will be disabled
  • The Free plan has a 1,000 database record limit

Users & Roles

  • You will not be able to create new roles above the Free plan limit
  • Any additional user roles that you created during your trial will become unusable other than to delete them
  • We do not remove previously applied roles from your users, however, we cannot guarantee that the app will continue to behave as you set it up during the trial period for those users who were assigned custom roles (in excess of Free plan limits)
  • Conditional user list roles will stop being applied to new users from your user lists but will not be removed from existing users


  • Field-level permissions will stop being applied in both the UI and API
  • You will not be able to configure field-level permissions via the editor unless you upgrade to a Business plan

View Configuration & Visbility

  • Premium layouts will revert to the table collection layout
    • From this point, you are able to choose any other non-premium layout
  • Custom visibility rules will stop being applied to app pages and sections
    • You will not be able to configure new custom visibility rules


  • Conditional form field visibility rules will stop being applied and you will not be able to configure new field visibility rules
  • Form field validation rules will stop being applied and you will not be able to configure new field validation rules


  • Live chat support for Builders will disappear from the app as you downgrade to the Free plan

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by downgrading to the Free plan from the billing page.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, you firstly have to delete all your apps from your dashboard by hovering over a particular app, clicking on the overflow menu and clicking 'Delete'.
Note that deleting your apps will permanently delete all your app configuration and data associated with the app.
After you have done this, please contact our support team over live chat (or contact [email protected]) to handle the deletion of your user account.
In your message, advise the team that you have already handled deleting your apps so they can move forward with the account deletion.