Conditional Highlight Colors

Find out how to conditionally highlight fields on your record pages based on field values and more

Conditional Highlights can allow you to change the of a field based on various conditions. Such as field values, logged-in user parameters and more.

They can be used in Highlight Sections on Record Pages.

Setting Up Conditional Highlights

To configure conditional highlights for a field, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the field's configuration settings within the Highlights section.

  2. Activate the option "Highlight this field based on conditions."

  3. You will be presented with a blank condition setup. Here, you can define the conditions under which the field should be highlighted, including choosing specific colors for different scenarios.

Defining Conditions:

  • Select the Field: Choose the field you wish to apply conditional highlighting to

  • Choose an Operator: Select the logical operator that will determine how the field value is evaluated (e.g., greater than, less than, equal to)

  • Specify a Value: If required, specify the value that will trigger the highlighting

For example, the rule below would conditionally highlight the cell. If the value of the "Leads" field, is more than 20

Multiple Highlight Conditions

You are not limited to just adding one rule on a condition. It is possible to apply multiple rules to a single field. Furthermore, leveraging "AND" and "OR" logical operators to enable complex conditions.

For example, you can change the color of a cell based on a field's value and also the logged in user's role. With the below conditions, the cell will only be highlighted "Red", when the value of the "Leads" field is less than 20 AND the logged in User is internal.

Extending our example above, we can add more conditions to make the cell a different color. The cell will be highlighted "Red" if the "Leads" field is less than or equal to 20

It will turn "Orange" if the field is greater than 20 AND less than or equal to 60.

Finally, it will be "Green", if the value of the field is greater than 60.

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