Custom Logos

Customize the logos in your app to match your company's brand

To further customize your app's design you can personalize and customize the logos used in the app's navigation sidebar, the logo used on the login, and invitation pages, the logo used in your app's automated emails, and finally the logo used in your app's browser tab.

Each logo can be different and has different size requirements to make the most of your app.

To get started, go to the App Settings section of your app's settings.

The navigation sidebar logo is the logo you see when you and your team browse your app, in the navigation sidebar. The same logo is used when the navbar is open and collapsed.

For best results use a logo that contrasts well with a dark background, such as a white logo.

We recommend using a logo that is 128px tall and less than 192px wide. This aspect and size allows it to grow and shrink according to the sidebar size.

To update this logo drag and drop, or choose an image here

The login & email logo is used when you're on the Login page, the Registration page, the accept invitation page and the forgotten password flow.

These pages have a light background so you should use a logo which is darker. In the example below the logo used is darker than the one above.

It is also the logo used when sending emails from Workflows, account invitations, or for comment notifications. We recommend using a logo that is 128px tall and less than 192px wide.

Update the app's favicon

A favicon also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is the icon your users will see in their browser tab.

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