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Learn how to plug your Google Sheets into your Noloco app


With Noloco you can connect multiple data sources to power your app. Which means you can create an app which is connected to many Airtable bases, Google sheets & Noloco collections at the same time. In doing so, we enable business' to unite many data sources into one single source of truth - their Noloco app.

In this guide we are going to walkthrough how easy it is to connect your Google sheet(s) to your Noloco app. Once connected, this will allow your team, customers &/or third party stakeholders to read, update and create records in your Google sheets directly from your Noloco app.

Before connecting your Google Sheet to Noloco, you should check that it is formatted suitably. We'll take you through this below.

Supported worksheet format

First, we must ensure that your Google Sheet(s) are formatted correctly for Noloco. Specifically, Noloco requires that:

  • Column headings are in Row 1

  • The first column is in Column A

  • The first data row starts in Row 2

This must be the case for ALL worksheets (sheets) within your Google spreadsheet. This includes any hidden sheets you may have in your spreadsheet. If any sheet is formatted incorrectly, the sync will fail.

Before proceeding, please verify each sheet(s):

  • Has a column header titles for each column in Row 1

  • Has at least x1 row of data starting in Row 2

  • Does not have any hidden columns without a column header title

If your sheet does not follow the above format or includes any of the listed 'gotcha's', it will not work.

Before proceeding to the next step, you will need to remove and/or modify your sheet(s) until they resemble the format displayed in the screenshot above.

Using ImportRange formulae

We support sheets that populate their data using =IMPORTRANGE formulae, however we do have some recommendations to ensure a smooth integration into your Noloco app:

  • Just use the formula to import data and hard code the column header title.

  • Ideally import one column per formula rather than one formula pulling in multiple columns (use multiple formulae if you want to import a range across a number of columns).

Connect your Google sheet

1) Add your Google sheet connection

Navigate to the data tab in your Noloco app and click to add a new data source. From the list, choose Google sheets.

2. Name your Data source & Sign-in with Google

It's best practice to call the data source the same name as your google sheet to help you keep track.

Once you have specified a name, proceed to Connect your Google Account. Simply select 'Connect with Google' and you will be brought to the 'Sign in with Google' dialogue.

3. Connect to the Google account where your google sheet is stored.

4. Allow Noloco access to your Google Account

5. Now specify which Google Sheet you want Noloco to sync

Now, you must open the Google sheet you want Noloco to connect to. Once it is opened, copy the sheet URL link found in the browser bar (Ctrl + C or Cmd + C).

Then paste the sheet URL into the location specified in the below screenshot.

Select 'Next' to kick off the sync

This can take up to 1 minute depending on how much data is stored in your Google sheet

Once the sync is complete select the 'Bring me to my app' button and Voilรก you may now access your google sheet data from within your Noloco app.. magic ๐Ÿช„ ๐ŸŽ‰

How to disconnect your Google Account

You can disconnect your Google Account from Noloco if you wish to prevent Noloco from accessing your Google Drive & Google Sheets, but also as a trouble-shooting step to reconnect your account properly.

  • Click your Avatar in the top right-hand corner

Reconnecting to Noloco

To reconnect your account to Noloco, go back to the "Integrations" section in your App settings and follow the instructions to reconnect.

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