Send a Push Notification

Programatically send a push notification from a workflow

The 'Send a Push Notification' workflow action allows you to send a customized notification (powered by the In App Notifications) to any of your app's users.

Setup 'Send a push notification' action

To send a push notification to a user, you need to configure a few fields:

  • Icon or Icon Link You can specify the icon that's used in the notification, this could be a dynamic profile picture or logo, or one of Noloco's built-in icons

  • Message Set the text of the notification, this will appear in the notification centre and the notification popup. You can use dynamic text from the trigger or previous steps if necessary.

  • Link Control where your users are taken to when the notification is clicked on. To bring them to a page in the app make sure the link starts with / like /projects

  • Users Finally, specify the user or users that should be sent the notification

Examples of workflow-powered push notifications

As per the example above, you could send a notification to the lead of a project when the status is changed, or if they have been assigned a task on the project, or been made the lead of the project

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