Create Professional Documents, like Invoices, Receipts, Stock Lists, Barcodes and QR Codes from your data in Noloco

Documint’s powerful document generation engine allows you to quickly and easily create professional documents from your data in Noloco, saving you time and effort.

What documents can I generate with Documint?

With Documint you can generate Forms, Proposals, Quotes, Contracts, Reports and Invoices from your Noloco data.

How do I generate a document from Noloco with Documint

The easiest way to generate a PDF from Noloco with Documint is to use Airtable, and Documint's simple Airtalble Document Generation Link Integration

In short, this allows you to add a formula field to your Airtable table that when opened will generate the PDF and attach it to your record in Airtable. This link can then be opened from Noloco, and the using Noloco's Airtable Integration the newly created file will instantly sync back to your Noloco app. For full instructions on how to integrate Documint with Noloco view their guide

Generating a PDF in Noloco with Documint - Step by Step

In Documint

  1. Visit Documint to create a Free account

  2. Add a new template, choose from one of their templates, or start with a blank document Follow Documint's template creation guide to learn more

  3. Once you've got your template, and have connected Documint to Airtable with your API key, you can create 2 new columns in your Airtable table:

    1. The attachment field for your new PDF

    2. The formula field for your document generation link. Follow this guide to find the specific formula for your Documint template

Now that you have the following you are ready to move over to Noloco

  • A table with an attachment field and a dynamic documint generation link

  • A Documint template customized with your Airtable variables

In Noloco Back in your Noloco app, where you have your Airtable table synced

  1. Open a record view of one of the records in your table

  2. Add the new Attachment field to the layout, using the Details block or the File Gallery Pro tip: You can use visibility settings to only show the gallery when your PDF has been attached to your record.

  3. Add an Action Button to the Record page

    1. Configure it to be a One-Click action button

    2. Add an action to the action button to Navigate To

    3. Choose Url and then for the URL choose the formula field you created with the Documint Generation link

The last step is to use your action button to generate the PDF with Documint

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