Testing as other users

Testing your app from the perspective of different users to test permissions, roles, filters and more.

Testing your app from the perspective of various users is crucial to ensure that permissions, roles, filters, visibility rules, and hidden values are functioning as intended. Noloco offers a convenient feature called "View as user" in the build-mode toolbar, allowing you to experience the app exactly as another user would, without the need for multiple logins.

Benefits of Using 'View as another User'

  • Accurate Testing of Permissions and Roles: Ensure that users see and access only what they are supposed to.

  • Evaluate Filters and Visibility Rules: Confirm that filters and visibility rules are applied correctly for different user roles.

  • Verify Hidden Values on Forms: Check if certain fields are appropriately hidden or visible based on user roles.

  • No Additional Active Seats: Testing as another user does not mark them as active, avoiding unnecessary seat costs.

How to Test Your App as Another User

  1. Access Build-Mode Toolbar While in the app builder, locate the build-mode toolbar.

  2. Select the 'View as another user' icon In the toolbar, find and select the “View as another user” feature. This will open a popover menu.

  3. Choose a User From the menu, you can find and select any user who is part of your app. Choose the user whose perspective you want to test.

  4. Experience the App as the Selected User

    Once you’ve selected a user, your app view will update to show exactly what this user would see and be able to do:

    • Navigate Through the App: Explore different sections and functionalities.

    • Test Form Submissions: Fill out forms as the user to see how data is recorded or displayed.

    • Verify Data Views and Access: Ensure the user can only view and access the data they are meant to.

  5. Perform Actions as the Selected User

    Any updates, form submissions, or actions you perform will be as though they are being done by the selected user. This allows for comprehensive testing of each function in your app.

  6. To return to your original view, simply deselect the user from your app's sidebar

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