Record values

Learn how to filter collection views based on record values

By default, collection views will show all records in a particular collection - but often we don't need to see all the data at once.

With Noloco, you're able to add filters to collection views to determine that records should only be shown that match certain criteria based on the relevant field values.

In this video, learn how to:

  • Add filters based on a single-option field

  • Filter records based on a date field (relative to today's date)

  • Filter records based on a price (number) field

  • Use multiple filters together with 'And' logic

  • Use an 'Or' filter group to show records that meet any of the filter criteria

  • Combine 'And' conditions within an 'Or' filter group

How to filter data in collection views based on record values?

Filters allows you to exclude items from your collection views based on different criteria. For example, in the app below we add a filter that only shows Properties that have a status of 'Active'.

The filter is created by checking certain criteria on a field in the relevant data collection. In the above example, we have a list of Properties synced from an Airtable base. Some of these properties are on the market (i.e. 'active') whereas some are not.

We have a single-select field in our Properties table that informs us of the Status of the Property with a range of values in that single-select field stored in the Status field from Active, Pending, Under Contract, Closed, Cancelled and Not Listed.

In Noloco, we select the field we want to filter on and then we choose the criteria by which we are filtering.

The field selected is Status and the criteria is is equal to Active

Filters enable you to display different data from the same collection in different pages in your app. For example, the app below shows data from the Properties collection in several different views but each one is filtered to show a list of properties that meet different criteria.

  • Properties Board (All properties)

  • Active Properties (Filtered to only show properties on the market)

  • My Properties (Filtered to only show properties related to the Logged in User)

There are a few different ways you can create multiple views of the same collection.

Either by adding the collection to the sidebar menu again or by cloning an existing collection view.

Once you have created your additional sidebar menu item, you can rename it appropriately, apply your filter(s) and you now have a new way to present data to your users from the relevant collection.

How to use multiple filters on collection views?

You can use multiple filters on a list with AND + OR logic. In the following example, we add two filters to our list of properties to show only records that have a status of either 'Active' or 'Pending'.

  • Status is equal to 'Active'

  • OR

  • Status is equal to 'Pending'

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