Apply filters on collection views to only show specific records to users.

By default, your collection views show all the records coming from your data source. However, you can filter the records to restrict what data appears in each of your collection views. This means that only records that meet the filter condition(s) will be visible.

Noloco gives you the ability to filter records in two ways:

  • Filter by logged in user (e.g. only show records associated with the logged in user)

  • Filter by record values (e.g. only show records with a particular status like 'In Progress')

Note that filters only prevent certain records from being displayed to the user on a particular collection view. If you only ever want users to be able to access specific records, you should set up record-level permissions to restrict access at the API layer.

You can also enable in-app filter fields so that users can change the filtering themselves.

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