App Settings

Personalize your app's design, look and feel, privacy, and data.

Open your app's settings to personalize your app's design, look and feel, your login settings and what data you integrate with.

This guide is an overview of the main elements of your app's settings, for a more comprehensive breakdown of all of your app's settings, explore the Settings section 👇


Personalize your App's Theme

Your theme controls the color of your app's sidebar, the primary buttons, your links and more. So it's important that your Noloco app matches your brand. You can choose from one of our 10 default themes which are tuned to beautifully present your data. Or, if you want your app to match your company's brand, you can set a custom color.

You can change your app's theme from the 'Theme & design' section of your app's settings.

Theme & Design

To further customize your app's design you can personalize and customize the logos used in the app's navigation sidebar, the logo used on the login, and invitation pages, the logo used in your app's automated emails, and finally the logo used in your app's browser tab.

Each logo can be different and has different size requirements to make the most of your app.

To get started, go to the App Settings section of your app's settings.

Custom Logos

Update your App's name, description & email settings

Your app's name & description play a crucial role in forming the first impression for your users.

You can specify a name and description that will show up in any tab that your app is open in from the General Settings page.

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