Offboarding Users

Deactivate user accounts without losing their data

When someone leaves your organisation you can deactivate their account in your Noloco app to prevent them from logging into it.

Deactivating their account like this rather than deleting it will preserve their user record so you can still see their data including comments or any records related to their user.

Deactivating a user

To deactivate an account go to your Users Table on the left sidebar, navigate to the user you want to deactivate and select "Deactivate this user" in the popover for their record.

You will then see a modal where you will confirm this choice.

You will then see that the user has been deactivated in your User Table. Hovering over the Deactivated badge will tell you when the deactivation was done.

Reactivating a user

At any point after offboarding a user by deactivating their account you can reactivate them to allow them to use your app again. Simply go back to the same popover on the User Table and this time select "Reactivate this user".

You will be shown a similar modal to explicitly confirm your choice, after which the user will regain access to your app.

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