Rollup Fields

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A rollup field is a summary of related fields. Choose a relationship on the same collection, choose which field on the related collection you need to summarize and then choose how to summarize it. An example would be if you wanted to calculate the total cost of all projects that each client/company has in the above example. You would add a rollup field to the Company collection with the projects relationship we defined earlier. The field to summarize would be Cost and you would want to SUM the costs, so you get the total sum of costs of all projects associated with a given company.

Creating a rollup field

  • Go to the collection you would like to add the rollup field to. In the above example this is the Company collection.

  • Open the table settings sidebar

  • Add a new field and choose Rollup as the type.

  • Choose from one of the multi-relationship fields associated with your collection

  • Choose the field you would like to summarize on the other collection

  • Choose which method of aggregation you would like

Aggregation Types

Aggregation Type



The sum of all non-empty numeric values


The number of all non-empty values


The largest of all the non-empty numeric values


The smallest of all the non-empty numeric values


The average of all the non-empty numeric values


Join all the text values into a single text value


True if all of the values are true and non-empty


True if any of the values are true

What about non-numeric types like Durations and Dates?

Aggregation of durations and dates will behave exactly as expected, where the sum of a duration field is the sum of all the times, and the min of a date field is the earliest date

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