Import a file

Create a Noloco table from a file

If you already have your data in a CSV file, you can use that file to automatically create a corresponding Noloco table. We will automatically derive the field types, import your data, and even create the most appropriate view for the data in your app.

To get started, select 'Import a file' from the data source menu:

You will then see the import modal appear, where you can first name the table:

Then, you can simply drop your CSV file, and we will automatically derive the structure for the table:

At this point, you can click on the column headings to either exclude or change the type of any fields. Once you're done, just click 'Import' and we will set everything up.


Why is the 'Import' button is greyed out?

This likely indicates that you have left the table name with its default value, creating a conflict with a previous import. Alternatively, it might mean you've renamed the table, and this name also conflicts with an existing table.

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