Record Colors

Visually distinguish records with custom highlight colors based on conditions

Record coloring allows you to quickly distinguish between records, without expanding all the details. Record coloring is useful for things like:

  • Overdue Tasks: Highlight tasks that are overdue and not marked as complete in bright red.

  • Upcoming Deadlines: Highlight tasks that have a due date within the next three days and are not marked as complete in yellow.

  • Completed Tasks: Highlight completed tasks with a neutral gray, making other records stand out in comparison.

This feature is available on Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans

Record Colors are supported on Table, Grid, Cards, Colums, Kanban, and Rows layouts

Setting Up Record Colors

  1. Navigate to the Options tab: Open the settings for the layout where you want to apply record highlighting, and choose the 'Options' tab.

  2. Add a new Record Color: In the 'Record Colors' section, click the + icon to add a new record color.

  3. Choose your Color: Choose from one of our colors, that will be applied when the conditions are met

  4. Define Conditions:

    Specify conditions (e.g., equals, greater than) for the field. Choose from a combination of AND / OR conditions that will determine when to apply your color.

Example Use Cases for Record Colors

  • Project Management: Highlight tasks by priority (e.g., high priority in red, medium in orange, low in green).

  • Sales Tracking: Highlight deals by stage (e.g., prospecting in blue, negotiation in yellow, closed in green).

  • Customer Support: Differentiate tickets by status (e.g., new in red, in-progress in orange, resolved in green).

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