Integrations & API Keys

The integrations & API keys settings allow you manage your app's integrations in one place

API Keys

You can find your API keys, and Explore your Noloco App API from the Integrations & API Keys settings.

These keys are secrete and should never be shared with anyone. The Noloco team will never ask you to share these keys.

To use Zapier or Make with Noloco you will need to add both the App API key and the Account API key to Zapier/Make during the connection process.

If you want to use the Noloco data API you will also need your App API key.

The API key is associated with the account you're currently logged into. Deactivating or deleting that user account will invalidate any API keys associated with the account.

App Integrations

The App integrations section lists all of the 3rd Party tools and apps that you can integrate with Noloco. From this page you can start the process of setting up those integrations or reconnecting previously setup integrations.

For more information on Noloco's integrations see our Data Sources and Integrations sections

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