Containers in Noloco allow you to organize and group multiple components on your pages, providing enhanced flexibility and control over your layout and visibility settings.

A container is a versatile component that can be added to both blank pages and record pages. Unlike other components, containers can nest multiple components within them, enabling better organization and layout customization.

Benefits of Using Containers

  • Visibility Rules: Easily set visibility rules for multiple components at once.

  • Flexible Layouts: Introduce columns and more complex layouts by grouping components within a container.

  • Denser Layouts: Fit more information on the screen by adding a container that lets your content fit better together

How to Use Containers

  1. Add a Container: Navigate to the page where you want to add a container and select β€œAdd Container”.

  2. Add Components: Place new components inside the container or drag existing components into it.

  3. Arrange and Customize: Adjust the placement and settings of the components within the container to suit your needs.

Example Use Cases

  • Dashboard Customization: Group related widgets and control their visibility based on user roles.

  • Form Layouts: Create multi-column forms by nesting input fields within containers.

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