Passing Linked Record Values to a Form

Pass a linked record value from a record page to your new record form

From time to time you need to create a new record from a record page that relates to that record page. Like creating a new task from a project, or creating a new client contact on the client page. Thankfully, if you use Noloco's filters correctly, this feature is done automatically for you.

Filtering your Collection view

First, with build-mode enabled you will need to add a collection component to your Record Page.

You can choose the Data Source in build mode sidebar.

Next, you will need to configure the filter to show only records linked to the record page that you've just added the collection component too.

Using the example above, you would choose Tasks as the List Type

Next, open the Filter settings, and from the dropdown, choose the field that links your record page to this table, in this case it's Tasks.

Important: if you achieve the same filer with an AND or OR custom filter, then the link won't automatically happen between this page and your new record form

If you then close the sidebar and click on the New button, you will be brought to the New Record Form for the Task table, but the Project field value will be prefilled.

If you want you can hide this field by opening the editor sidebar and hiding the field - the value will still be passed through.

Demo: Passing a linked field value from a Record Page to a Form

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