Login Screen

Customize the login screen to improve your user's experience

The first thing your app's users will see when they load your Noloco app will be the login screen, until they log in. Therefore, a crucial step in sharing your app is customizing the login screen.

You can do this from the Login Screen settings page.

On this page, you can

  • Change the login page title (Business only)

  • Change the login page description (Business only)

  • Change the login page logo

Customizing the login screen title & description

Customizing the login screen title and description is only available on the Business plan

On the Business plan, customizing the login screen's title and description can allow you to provide specific instructions to your app's users, and build better trust with them that the page they're on is the correct page.

As you saw in Customizing App Logos you can customize the logo that appears on your app's login screen.

The login & email logo is used when you're on the Login page, the Registration page, the accept invitation page and the forgotten password flow.

These pages have a light background so you should use a logo which is darker. In the example below the logo used is darker than the one above.

It is also the logo used when sending emails from Workflows, account invitations, or for comment notifications. We recommend using a logo that is 128px tall and less than 192px wide.

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