Open Sign Up

If you need to let new customers sign up to your app, you can enable open sign up

Open sign up allows anyone to sign up to your app through the registration page. By default open sign up is disabled.

You can turn on 'Open Sign Up' in the "User Lists & Sign Up" section of your app settings. This will enable the registration page at the /register URL

Just make sure you publish your app so that it takes effect

Do I want Open Sign Up enabled?

Most apps don't require open sign up because the data in your app is already tailored to your users, and you want to show them only some of the data. But there are some great reasons to want Open Sign Up

  • Your main views show data that are not tailored to your users

  • Your users don't need to go through any onboarding with you before signing up

  • Your user accounts don't require any setup before they can use your app

I don't want Open Sign Up, do I need to do anything?

No, Open Sign Up is disabled by default on all new apps. You can check that it's disabled by going to the /register page of your app. If that redirects you to any other page then you know it's not enabled. You can also check in the settings.

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