Transferring an App

Transfer an app to another account, either to a client, a friend, or a new account you control

This guide will walk you through the process of transferring ownership of a Noloco app to a different account. This feature is particularly useful when you need to hand over the management and billing responsibilities of your app to a client (if you're a Noloco Expert), another team member, or a completely different entity.


Before initiating the transfer, ensure the following:

  1. Existing Noloco Account: The recipient of the app transfer must already have a Noloco account.

  2. Admin Invitation: The user who will own the app must be invited and accepted as an Admin on the app. You can do that from the User Management tab

  3. Paid Plan Subscription: The recipient's account must be upgraded to a paid plan.

Steps to Transfer Your App

1. Contact Support

Begin by reaching out to Noloco support. You can do this through our in-app support chat or by emailing us at

2. Provide Required Information

Let our support team know you want to transfer the app. You will need to provide the following details:

  • The name or URL of the app you wish to transfer. (e.g https://<appname>

  • The email address associated with the recipient's Noloco account.

3. Confirmation from Support

Our support team will verify the details and may contact you or the recipient for any additional information required to process the transfer.

4. Finalization of Transfer

Once everything is in place, our support team will proceed with the transfer. This process is usually completed within minutes, ensuring a seamless transition.

Post-Transfer: What to Expect

Post-transfer, the following will remain unchanged:

  • Data Connections: All your data connections will continue to function as before.

  • App Configurations and Workflows: Any configurations and workflows set up in the app will remain operational.

  • Billing: The billing for the app will be transferred to the new owner's account.

  • You will remain active as an admin in their app unless you request to be removed

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the transfer process, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. We are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been added as a team admin in the app, but I can't see the app from my Dashboard (

A: When you're invited to an app as a team admin, it's essential that you action the invitation email you will receive. Within this email, there is a 'Start Now' button you must press to activate your admin user account in the app. Once you have authenticated your user account, the app will appear in your Dashboard.

If you did not action the invitation email or you can no longer find it in your inbox, ask the Admin in the app to re-trigger the email invitation. This can be achieved by changing your user role to a non-admin role, pressing save, followed by changing your user role again back to a Team Admin role. If this still does not send an email invitation, ask the admin to confirm the email address they are using for you to ensure its correct. Finally if none of the above works, contact for further assistance.

Q: I am an Expert and I have transferred the app to my client's workspace; however, I want to maintain access to the app for ongoing support and services. Am I deemed a billable active user in their account?

A: No, as you're marked as an Expert user in Noloco's back-end, you will not be counted towards the billable builder/active user count on your client's monthly subscription.

Q: I am an Expert and my client has created 4 apps in their workspace; however, I can only see 1 of these apps in my Dashboard. Why is that?

A: This is because your client has only invited you as a Team Admin user in one of their apps. In order to be able to view the remaining 3 apps in their workspace, you must be invited to their workspace as a Workspace User. Once invited as a Workspace User, you will be able to switch between workspaces via your Dashboard and view all of the apps in each workspace you've been invited to.

Q: I have been invited to a new workspace, where I can see all of the apps that have been created there; however, I cannot launch some of the apps from the workspace. Why is that?

A: As a Workspace User, you can see all of the apps that exist there; however, you still must be invited as a User within each app to gain access to it via the Dashboard. If this occurs, ensure you ask a team admin user from the app to invite you to the apps you need access to.

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