Field visibility conditions

Learn how to set field visibility conditions based on field values and logged in user parameters.

Field visibility conditions allow you to define exact conditions for when a given field should be shown to app users. They can be used in several places:

  • Collection views

  • Record pages

  • Forms to add new records

In this video, learn how to set field visibility conditions based on field values and based on logged in user parameters to control when a particular field should be visible.

Setup field conditions

To add new conditions to a field, open the field's configuration in either a Details, Highlights or a Form.

Toggle on the "Only show when conditions are met" switch

This will add a blank condition to the field - the box grows to give you more space

Choose a field, an operator and a value (if necessary) For example, this will hide the email field if its value is empty.

Conditional fields respond immidately to changes to fields, which makes them great for implementing branching in forms, or changing how a record view is displayed.

For example, the following rule only shows the "Company" field if the email contains "" OR if the user is marked as internal

Forms example

The below form hides several fields if status is Cancelled, the logic being that there's no need to add house details such as number of beds, if the property is already cancelled.

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