Send automated emails

Learn how to send automated emails via Noloco workflows

One of the best use cases of workflows is to notify team members when records are either created or updated via your Noloco app.

In this video, we set up a workflow to notify the team manager when a new 'Product' record has been created via a native form in our Noloco app.

We talk through:

  • Workflow set-up

  • Different options for triggers and actions

  • How to populate the email with dynamic data from the new record

  • How to attach files to the email

  • How to link to the new record page from the email

  • Testing our new workflow

Setup the 'Send Email' action

Send an email to one (or many) email address(es). An email action has the following fields:

  • To - The address to send the email to. If you want to send to multiple, separate them by commas

  • Subject - The email's subject

  • Message - The email's message. This can be as long as you want.

  • Call-To-Action Text - When provided, will render as a CTA button text

  • Call-To-Action URL - When provided, the link of the CTA button

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