Add a comment to a record

Programatically comment on a record

The 'Add a Comment to a Record' workflow action allows you to write a customized comment (powered by Record Comments) on any of your app's records.

Setup 'Add a Comment to a Record' action

To add a comment to a record you need to configure a few fields:

  • Collection You need to specify the collection that the record belongs to.

  • Record ID You then need to enter the ID of the record in that collection that you want to add the comment to.

  • Author Optionally you can specify the ID of a user who the comment should be authored by. If you leave this blank the comment will just not have an author.

  • Text Finally, specify the text that should be in the body of the comment.

Tagging users in comments

Just like regular comments you can tag users to notify them that there may be an action for them to take. You just need to type the @ symbol followed by their user ID in square brackets, for instance @[2], alternatively you can dynamically tag users with the + button on the comment text input, inserting the user ID to tag in the place of the number in this static example.

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