Watched Fields

Triggering a workflow when certain fields are updated

When using a workflow that's triggered when a record is updated, you can watch certain fields so that the workflow will only run when those fields are updated.

For example, you could send an email when a user's role is changed.

Watched Fields FAQs

What fields can be watched?

Any field that can be updated can be watched such as the user's first name, last name or email. Fields that are read-only or calculated such as formulas or rollups or internal fields like "is active" can not be watched.

Do updates that don't include my watched fields count towards my workflow runs?

No. We only count a workflow run that matches any of the watched fields (if specified)

What if I leave the watched fields blank?

If you leave the watched fields blank your workflow will run any time the record is updated.

What triggers can I use with watched fields?

You can only watch fields when a record is being updated. If you need to conditionally run a workflow when a record is created or deleted you can use an Only continue if action

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