Navigation Settings

Control the settings for your app's navigation sidebar

The navigation settings allow you to control various aspects of your app's navigation sidebar, which is the left or top sidebar that matches your app's theme.

You can customize your app's menu style by choosing between a Sidebar and a Top menu style.

Both menu styles will match your app's theme and will allow your users to navigate your app. Choose the menu style that is best for your app.

The sidebar menu is great for apps with a lot of pages or links because it lists all of your pages and their sub-pages.

Follow this tutorial to change your app's menu style from Top to Sidebar

Top Menu

The top menu style is great for apps with a few pages and links, because it keeps them in sight, and takes up less space than the sidebar style. When the page is smaller, links that don't fit in the sidebar will be moved to a dropdown.

Follow this tutorial to change your app's menu style from Sidebar to Top menu

By enabling sidebar search, you allow your users to quickly navigate your app's pages from the sidebar and with a keyboard shortcut

  • Cmd+k on Mac OS and Apple Devices

  • Ctrl+k on Windows or Linux devices

The quick search modal allows your app's users to quickly navigate to any page that is accessible to them from the sidebar

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