Workspaces in Noloco allow you to manage, share, and collaborate on your custom Noloco apps. Designed to support teams of any size, Workspaces provide a structured and flexible environment for efficient project handling and teamwork.

What Are Workspaces?

Workspaces serve as shared environments where teams collaborate on the different apps they need. These spaces are essential for ensuring that the right individuals have appropriate access at all times, whether you're part of a small team or manage multiple groups across your organization.

Renaming a Workspace

Workspaces can be renamed at any point from the workspace page. You can access this by clicking the Settings icon next to your workspace name

Inviting People to a Workspace

Workspaces facilitate easy collaboration by allowing you to invite team members, stakeholders, or clients into your app environment. To invite a user to your workspace:

  1. Open the Workspace settings,

  2. Click Invite

  3. Enter the email of the user you want to add to your Noloco workspace. They can be a new Noloco user, or an existing user.

  4. Click Invite

  5. An invitation email will be sent to the email you provided

Changing a Workspace Plan

Adapting to your project's evolving needs is straightforward with flexible workspace plans. Whether expanding or downsizing, you can adjust your plan accordingly, ensuring that your workspace always meets your current requirements. It's also possible to manage multiple workspace plans, catering to diverse project scopes and resources.

Creating a New Workspace

You can create a new workspace to separate your apps and user access. When you create a new workspace, you will have a 30 day free trial for all apps created in that workspace.

You can only create a new workspace if you upgraded your other workspace(s) to a paid plan.

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