Automatic Links

Learn how to add an automatic link to any non-Noloco data source

An automatic link can be added to any non-Noloco data source, such as Google Sheets or Airtable. It allows you to add a custom link to another collection/record from an existing record and then automatically sync that value with a lookup value. For example: If you have two spreadsheets, one named Software and one named Suppliers The Software sheet has a Supplier Name column and the Supplier sheet has a Name column. But there's no link between them (because it's a spreadsheet)

You can define a new Automatic link field on the Software table: Supplier Then you can make it automatically link when Supplier Name = Supplier

Automatic links are bi-directional, so if you then update the linked field on a record (say the Supplier field), Noloco will automatically prefil the Supplier Name field in your spreadsheet with the correct value. This makes it much easier to work with, as it introduces better filters, better views and better permissions.

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