Data Overview

Data is the foundation on which your Noloco app is built.

Noloco was designed to make it possible for anyone to build internal tools without needing to be a highly skilled software engineer.

However, even app no-code apps need some data to start with. This is why you can connect your Noloco app to several different data sources. We like to say that Noloco is a backend agnostic platform - ultimately helping our customers build internal tools from any data source without writing a single line of code.

If your data is already set up in one of our supported data sources, you can simply connect that and build your app. Otherwise, if you're yet to set up a database elsewhere, you can build out your database directly in Noloco without writing any code using Noloco tables.

If you'd like to connect a data source that we don't yet support, please do get in touch! We'd love to hear about your use case.

Read our guides below on how to connect each of our available data sources to your Noloco app.

Create a single source of truth in Noloco 🤩

The great news is that we support multiple external data sources connections in one app. For example, If your team is using a mix of PostgreSQL & Google Sheets to store data, you can connect your app to both of these data sources enabling your team to access disconnected data from one central place.

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Choosing which of your collections are synced

When you connect an external data source to Noloco you will be able to select which collections (or tables) Noloco will import and keep in sync. Toggling off unneeded collections may improve sync times and will help keep your app from getting too cluttered to manage.

After disabling a collection it will no longer be synced into Noloco and you will not see it as an option when building views around your data.

Disabled collections can be enabled again by clicking on the sync buttons for the data source and opening the "Enable collections" menu.

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