Quick guide on creating and publishing custom apps with Noloco.

Getting a custom app that you have made with no-code into the hands of your team or clients is very exciting. With Noloco, you can build and share your app in two simple steps in under five minutes. And there's two easy ways to get started

Step 1: Create an app

Choose the base starting point for your app

Method 1: Start with your data

If you have data you want to sync from an external source, like Airtable, Google Sheets, Xano, PostgresSql or MySQL then you will be able to import your data and get started in minutes

pageStart with your data

Method 2: Start with a template

The fastest way to get your app running is to copy a Noloco template. You'll find the templates at the bottom of your dashboard.

pageStart with a template

Step 2: Personalize

The next step is to personalize your app. Start in your App Settings to discover the different ways you can personalize your app

  1. Update the app's title, description & email settings

Step 3: Customize

The power of Noloco is customizing your app, whether created from your data, or copied from a template.

  1. Automate your app with actions & workflows

Step 4: Invite

After you have customized your app, there are just three more steps to get your team or clients using your incredible new app

  1. Invite users via the User Table, or sync them from your data source with a User List

  2. Share your app's URL with your team or clients Once they enter their email address they will receive an email to confirm their login

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