iFrame Embeds
This page talks through how you can embed an iframe in your Noloco app.
1) Add a page and choose 'Iframe embed' under 'Advanced'
2) Enter the 'Source' url
Note: if all users should see the same link, you can just enter the url directly.
However, you may want to show different embeds to different users. If this would be more appropriate for your use case, then it might make sense to store an embed url for each User or Company on the relevant collection. Then you can add in a dynamic value for the Source from the database.
For example, below we created a 'Calendly Link' field on our Users table and for each user entered the relevant end of the url. Otherwise you could store the entire url in this field. We then just added a dynamic variable to the Source to grab the Logged In User's 'Calendly Link' value.
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