Learn how to use charts in Noloco
You have three different options for charts in Noloco.
1) Line charts
2) Bar charts
3) Area charts
Here are the instructions to add a chart to your app:
1) Add a blank page under 'Advanced'
2) Click 'Add a section' on your blank page and choose the chart element
3) Choose your 'List Type' What data collection does your chart relate to? In other words, what data are you trying to show? Once you have chosen a data collection, you can apply filters to the returned data.
4) Choose your 'Chart type' Select from Line, Bar or Area Charts as shown above.
5) X & Y Axis Values Choose which values should be displayed on the X axis (e.g. time) and Y axis (e.g. number of records). Below for our real estate app, we've chosen the listing start date field for the X axis and the unique property ids for the Y axis.
6) Provide context by adding a chart title and subtitle
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