Learn how to use charts in Noloco
You have six different options for charts in Noloco.

Line charts

Bar charts

Area charts

Donut Charts

Funnel Charts


Radar Charts


How to add a Chart dashboard to your app

1) Add a collection
2) Change the Display to Charts
3) Edit your first chart by clicking the pencil icon
4) Choose your 'Chart type' Select from Line, Bar or Area Charts as shown above.
5) X & Y Axis Values Choose which values should be displayed on the X axis (e.g. time). You can have multple series per chart, so you can choose a Y-axis value for each series. Don't forget to label your series! Below for our real estate app, we've chosen the listing status field for the X axis and have added 3 series, Start price, Solid Price and Price now
6) Provide context by adding a chart title and subtitle