Action buttons
Action buttons are a great way to add buttons to your record pages to perform specific actions.
They're simply buttons that open a form in a modal which can update specific fields of the record on the page, or one of its related records. Action buttons can also have multiple steps to create multi-step actions
For example, you could add a button that allows you to review the name of a property and mark its status as active automatically.
An action button can be added by enabling edit mode and clicking on the record page's header.
This will open the properties sidebar. To add a new action button just click the "Add" button
When you add a button you can configure the following fields:
  • Button text - the text that appears on the button the users can click
  • Title - the title of the Modal that appears on clicking the button
  • Description - additional text to include in the modal
  • Actions - a series of actions, each with
    • Action type: One of Update or Delete
    • The record: This is the record you'll be updating or deleting, usually it's the record on the page, but you can update or delete a related record (like a buyer in this example)
If an action button has multiple action steps, they can fill out the form fields required in each step and confirm each step before moving on. This makes it very easy to define multi-step workflows.
The final result of this action button can be seen below:
A simple button that allows you to modify the sell price of a transaction and then mark the transaction as closed
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