Quick Start Guide

Follow the steps in-app to get started in a few simple steps
Once we create your app there are a few things left to do before you're ready to set your app Live.
To help you reach that point, we've created a Quick Start guide checklist which is visible to all builders from their Admin sidebar.
Each step will direct you exactly to where setup step should be completed in the app. Keep checking off each item on the list to be considered a fully onboarded app. Enjoy the confetti along the way 🎉

💡Beyond the Quick Start Guide Checklist

Now that you've got this far... Here are some other useful tips to help you get started
Configure your email settings For non-SMTP users, all emails sent from the [email protected] address can be customised from your Email Settings pane. This helps you to personalise those emails a little further.
  • Update the 'Email from name'. This is usually your company name.
  • Customize your invitation emails to both your clients and your team so they have a custom invitation when you invite them to your app.
Enable Sign in With Google To truly improve your client's login experience, enable Sign in With Google so they don't have to remember another password.
Learn more here.