Custom Domain
A custom domains allow your clients to easily find your portal and improves your brand with existing clients and new leads alike
Each portal can be accessed at a unique URL like but it is better if you use a custom domain for your portal for a truly white-labelled experience like
With Noloco connecting a custom domain is easy

I don't own a domain yet

Buying a new domain is quick, easy and typically cheap. We strongly reccomend using Namecheap to purchase your domains. They typically cost ~10$ for a .com but can vary for other types of domains.

I already have a domain

If you already have a domain, head over to the Domains section in your portal's settings.
  • Click Add domain
  • Enter the domain you want your portal to be hosted at, typically
  • Click Add domain, we will automatically generate the values you need to enter in your registrar's DNS settings (usually where you bought your domain).
  • Go back to your registrar and enter the values as described in the app, this usually involves adding a record for
  • Test your new custom domain setup by visiting your domain, it can sometimes take between 1 and 48 hours for the DNS records to properly update. In the meantime, you can still access your portal on the address
Last modified 4mo ago